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Anytime you take a credit card, the card number must be submitted to the processing center for authorization.


Card Reading terminals use standard landline phone access to submit card numbers to the processor. An electronic point-of-sale (POS) terminal is recommend for swiping your customer's credit card to keep your fees at the lowest. If you are not going to be able to swipe your customer's credit card through a terminal, a different method may be better for you. If you are retail and a mail order merchant, or you know that sometime in the future you will be, a swipe type terminal may be right for you. Some businesses require a printer for receipts. All models today come with built in printers. For sales where the card is not present, you can enter the credit card numbers on the keypad to conduct a transaction. We sell the most popular credit card terminals in use today. If for some reason you would rather lease, we can arrange that too. We also have free credit card terminals that most businesses will qualify for if they have enough monthly volume in credit card sales.


Vx510 T7Plus

Verifone Vx510

The Vx 510 is a PCI PED and EMV approved credit card terminal made for countertop applications. It has a built in printer and was designed to emulate an ATM style interface. The Vx 510 looks fast and modern today and will for many years to come. Click on the Vx 510 above to see the details of our most popular credit card terminal.

Hypercom T7Plus

The Hypercom T7Plus was developed for retail merchants that need a small credit card terminal that does not take up much space on the countertop. The T7Plus also has fast loading paper rolls that do not have to be fed into a paper feeding mechanism. It does it automatically. Click on the T7Plus above to learn more about this reliable credit card terminal.

We have more terminals available, however the two machines we are featuring are more than adequate for almost any businesses needs. For retail merchants using these credit card terminals to swipe credit cards through for processing, the processing rate would be a qualified swipe rate. If you use the keypad to manually enter the credit card number, the non qualified rate would apply. See the Rate page for current rates and fees.


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