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Meramak Bankcard Services and Solutions

Contact us at 1-888-336-4872 for more information on the following services. Meramak has employees dedicated to providing support for these extra merchant services. The three most common services for most businesses is the card processing, echeck and ACH processing. Gift cards are specific to certain businesses.


pay at the pump

We have pay at the pump payment solutions. All major credit cards are accepted including Debit and fleet cards such as Wright Express, Voyager, Fleet One and the Fuelman Card.

Card Processing

We set up retail, Internet, and mail order merchant accounts for businesses needing to accept credit cards. Using credit card terminals, virtual terminals and wireless access terminals.

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eCheck Processing

Paper checks can now be accepted at the point-of-sale and processed just like credit cards. Electronic Check Conversion can be easily added to your existing credit card system. Greatly reducing bounced checks.


Loyalty / Gift Cards

The largest selling single item for over 80% of the top 100 retailers in the United States is their gift card. Just swipe the card through the terminal or PC to load or redeem value on the gift card.

Medical Billing

The Medical Billing Gateway calculates the patient’s responsibility at the time of the visit and allows you to receive authorization from the patient (credit or debit cards) for payment before they leave the office.

ACH Processing

Meramak's virtual terminal will allow you to electronically debit and credit checking and savings accounts. Whether you need to accept a one-time payment (eg an electronic Check by Phone) or a system for recurring payments