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Meramak Bankcard Midwest has been a nationwide merchant account provider since 1998. Your business will benefit from our experience in the industry.

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We set up retail, Internet, and mail order merchant accounts. We also have various check cashing and gift card services available.

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Need assistance? Call your Meramak Bankcard Midwest agent. Need help at 3 a.m.? Customer support is available 24 hours a day for our merchants.

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why choose meramak?

From brick and mortar retail storefronts to corporate, Internet, and mail order businesses, we can get almost any business approved for a merchant account. Call or contact us at Meramak Bankcard, you will be glad you did. Were you directed to our web site by the HUD publication: Reverse Auction Program Business Rules? Then you need Level II credit card processing for inspectors to get paid by HUD. Meramak Bankcard provides MasterCard and VISA merchant accounts including merchant services such as Level II processing. We assist businesses in accepting Government purchasing and corporate buying cards which can have confusing rules for processing. We have free check readers, free (POS) point-of-sale credit card terminal equipment and free signature capture pads for our retail merchants that qualify.
All merchants and businesses can benefit from Meramak Bankcard's knowledge of how to keep your fees to a minimum. We look for cost effective ways for you to accept credit cards. Such as new technology for mobile phones that use software to conduct credit card transactions. The processing application will work on most Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices. Or by using a web browser and a Virtual Terminal to conduct a credit card transaction. We work with financial institutions and corporations, such as HUD, and we work with small businesses as well. Meramak Bankcard offers Missouri local merchant services as well as nationwide. We have been helping merchants since 1998. Do you own or represent a hospital, corporation, business chain, or franchise company? Travel tour agency? Maybe a government agency such as HUD wants to use a purchasing card at your business? Almost all government agencies now require their vendors to accept purchasing cards with a merchant account. These purchases can amount to thousands of dollars. A business without the ability to accept purchasing cards will not have the government as a customer. In addition, you have to use level II and level III transaction processing for line item detail to take a government or corporate card. All franchise companies can look to us for getting the best rate for multiple business locations. Some tour and travel companies are now qualifying for a merchant account. Call us for details and to see if you qualify. If you would like to look into getting a merchant account from Meramak Bankcard, call or fill out our brief online pre-application. You will be glad you did! Our service is second to none across the USA! Does your current processor have a problem with your high volume? Tired of no support from your credit card transaction processor? Whatever your reason, transfer to us! We appreciate your business at all times.

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Meramak Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Woodforest National Bank in Houston, TX - Member FDIC
Meramak Inc is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA